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When it comes to achieving unmatched guest experiences, every detail matters. That’s why Inhaven only offers brands that are committed to high-quality products. Brands like Down Decor and The Turkish Towel Company allow you to perfect your stay down to the smallest aesthetic details, while brands including Illy and Pacific Coast Lighting make choosing important appliances and ambient lighting easy.

Finding hotel-quality Airbnb and rental supplies doesn’t have to be a headache. Fall in love with Inhaven and discover everything you need to reach the highest standards of hospitality — all in one place.

Trusted Names Delivering Hospitality Greatness

Our curated collection of brands delivers hotel-quality supplies for every room of your stay. At Inhaven, we only partner with brands you can trust, so you can experience furnishing your ideal stay without the guesswork.

From the kitchen to the bedroom, and indoor essentials to outdoor recreation, our partner brands come together to enhance every corner of your space. Stock your Airbnb with industry-leading supplies and products that work hard for your guests and set you apart from the competition.

Create Amazing Guest Experiences

No matter which supplies you choose for your stay, you can rest assured that each one is reliable enough to serve your stay for years to come. Now you can shop with a focus on your stay’s aesthetic and style, never worrying that your Airbnb or rental supplies may not be dependable. For an even more seamless shopping experience, utilize our room-specific checklists. It's a simple way to nail every detail of every room of your deluxe stay.

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