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Check it all off with the Inhaven Quality Stay Checklist and earn the Quality Stay Badge that guests trust. Our tiered-price checklists mean you can cross off everything you need with high quality, curated products—and at your price point. Best of all, save up to 75% off MSRP and free shipping on orders $75+.


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Introducing Inhaven Keep

Inventory management, simplified. With Inhaven Keep, housekeeping staff quickly selects the specific items your vacation rental needs, and you receive a purchase request. Just one click to keep it organized. We know that managing inventory is stressful. Let us make it better.

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The New Inhaven dashboard

Keep it organized, all in one place. Track all of your orders and purchase requests, set up your properties, create standardized assortments...(and breathe a sigh of relief). The new dashboard keeps it all in one place, and streamlines inventory management with Inhaven Keep.

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“We continue to get rave reviews about the bedding in our rental! Getting a good night of sleep is so important, especially when you are away from home. Inhaven bedding has made this easy for us.”

host in NC

“I know I am such a small client with small orders, but I can’t thank you enough for treating me like I was a $10,000 order customer.”

host in FL

“I saved so much time...Everything we need is on the website. Not having to look all over the place for deals and quality items was priceless.
Inhaven's customer service is also incredible.”

host at Ocean Isle Rentals