• 1. What is Inhaven Keep?

    Inhaven Keep is a simple, easy-to-use tool for hosts and housekeeping to seamlessly manage inventory in your properties.
  • 2. How can I start using Inhaven Keep?

    First, complete the initial setup

    1. Set up your properties on your Inhaven dashboard. The information needed is your property name, address, bill-to address and ship-to address.

    2. Schedule a 30-minute discovery call here with one of our Merchandising experts. They will create a personalized assortment for your property of curated, high quality, durable products that suit the needs of your stay.

    3. Once your Merchandising expert assigns your assortment to your properties, you can set up a secret 4-digit PIN for each property. This is a 4-digit code that can be shared with housekeeping staff in order for them to access the property page when turning over your homes. The PIN is easy change at any time from the user dashboard.

    4. Print your property QR code and put it in your property for your housekeeping team to access.

    5. Share your 4-digit property PIN with your housekeeping team.

    Next, your housekeeping team starts using Inhaven Keep

    1. Your housekeeping team scans the QR code inside of the property and enters the 4-digit PIN to access your property page.

    2. Your housekeeping team selects the items that need to be replenished or replaced. On the visual-first interface, your team can filter by room and simply tab the image of the item needed to add it to a purchase request. No quantities need to be entered, and they do not have the ability to complete the purchase.

    3. If necessary, your housekeeping team can type a message to you within Inhaven Keep and upload images.

    4. Your housekeeping team finishes the clean and confirms the items that they request for purchase.

    An auto-generated purchase request is ready for your review

    1. An auto-generated purchase request is created. You will receive an email notification and a notification on your purchase request dashboard that there is a new purchase request that needs your review.

    2. You approve, deny or edit the purchase request.

    3. When approved, an order is placed on Inhaven. You can track and manage this order from your order management dashboard.
  • 3. Who is my Keep Merchant?

    If you would like to use Inhaven Keep, contact us at keep@inhaven.com and we will assign you a Keep Merchant who will work with you to set up your properties and assign a personalized assortment to your properties. They will also be your main point of contact for any questions you may have or changes you would like to make. Inhaven is your trusted partner, helping you to keep inventory purchasing and replenishment simple and pain-free.
  • 4. Is Inhaven Keep an app?

    The best feature of the Inhaven Keep App is that it isn’t actually an app…There are no additional sign ups or downloads, new accounts or confusing additional platforms.

    Inhaven Keep is designed for ease. Your Housekeeping staff scan a QR code with their phones to access the property page, enter the PIN, and simply tap the items that are needed. No quantities, no ordering, no scrolling through endless options: just a simple visual-first layout keeps it simple.

    And the best news yet, the purchase order requests are sent directly to you for review and payment. No more wondering which product was purchased for a specific property, no more last minute (and time consuming) trips to Wal-Mart. In a few simple clicks, you can approve purchase requests and the products will be on their way to the address on file for the property.

    Inhaven Keep seamlessly connects with your Inhaven account, so that you can manage everything you need, all in one place on Inhaven.com.
  • 5. How do you organize the products on Inhaven Keep?

    Your personalized assortment is organized by room. Your housekeeping team can easily filter the product selection by the room they are in – from the bedrooms, to the bathrooms and kitchens, allowing them to save time finding the products they are looking for.
  • 6. Can my housekeeping team automatically place orders using Inhaven Keep?

    No. Your housekeeping team can submit a purchase request, but this is not an approved order. You will need to review the purchase request and approve it before the order is placed. Fortunately, this can be done in a few simple clicks, saving you time and money.
  • 7. Is the a fee to use Inhaven Keep?

    No, Inhaven Keep is free to use.
  • 8. What if I purchase items for a property that are not a part of the Keep assortment?

    These items will automatically be added to your Keep assortment for that specific property. If you would like any items to be added or removed from your property assortment, please contact your Keep Merchant.

Still have questions? Reach out below to schedule a time to speak with us, we look forward to hearing from you.