Bathroom Checklist

Towel Sets

Do you only need to buy a couple of towels? These towel sets are perfect for you! They include 2 bath towels, 2 hand towels and 2 washcloths.

Bulk Bath Towels

Need more than 20 towels? When you buy in bulk, you save!

Bulk Hand Towels

Every bathroom should be equipped for at least 3 hand towels per guest, so they have replacements available

Bulk Wash Cloths

Make sure you have at least 3 wash cloths per guest in your vacation rental home

Makeup Towels

Extend the longevity of your bath towels by providing makeup towels for your guests

Pool & Beach Towels

Your guests will love using your pool towels to take to the pool or beach during their stay

Hair Dryers

Your guests will appreciate the extra room in their suitcase if they don't have to pack a hair dryer

Soap Dish

Dedicate a space for your guests to place their soap

Soap Dispenser

We love these soap dispensers which allow you to refill your soap in an environmentally friendly way

Tooth Brush Holder

Your guests will appreciate a tooth brush holder so they don't have to rest their toothbrush directly on the sink


Dress up your bathroom with a stylish wastebasket

Tissue Box Cover

Add some style to your bathroom with these tissue box holders

Hand Soap

Upgrade and standardize your amenities in your vacation rental with these hand soap collections

Hand & Body Lotion

Keep your guests hands and bodies moisturized with our branded hand lotion collections


Set standards in your rentals and be more eco-friendly with these refillable shampoo bottles from our favorite collections


Your guests will love the hair conditioner you provide when you upgrade your amenities with Inhaven

Bar Soap

Delight your guests by offering bars of soap to help dissolve the dirt on the surface of their skin