How to Give Your Rental the Ultimate Spring Clean

How to Give Your Rental the Ultimate Spring Clean

It’s spring! The weather is finer, days are longer and it’s time for the traditional deep spring clean to ensure your vacation rental is in tip top condition ahead of the summer season.

A spring clean goes beyond cleaning out the kitchen drawers and hoovering behind the sofas. This time of year is about taking care of all the things that cannot be done during the peak rental months or in the harshness of winter.

Here’s our 8 tips on how to give your vacation rental the ultimate spring clean.

1. Be A Guest

That’s right. Stay at your property. A one or two night stay will allow you to make a proper assessment of the things that need attention.

Perhaps the bathroom fan isn’t up to scratch or the heating system is on the blink. Maybe the dishwasher cuts out mid cycle, the toilet doesn’t flush as well as it should or the linens are stained?

You’re unlikely to spot these problems unless a guest lets you know about them. Doing some food prep let’s you test out the appliances and utensils, you’ll discover if your bed is as comfortable as you say it is, and it gives you time to make sure the technology is in good working order, from the small things like Smart TVs and Wi-Fi to bigger items like electric shutters, gates, and security alarms.

2. Out With The Old

As a good starting point, duvets, cushions, and curtains should be cleaned properly and you should tackle any heavy duty staining on sofas and other soft furnishings and accessories such as mattress covers, throws, and blankets.

Missing or broken items, particularly in the kitchen, should be replaced and replenished throughout the year, if needed.

Make sure there’s a full set of unchipped tablewareglassware and matching cutlery. You should provide about 1.5 times the serverware that your property caters for. For example, if your place sleeps four, cater for six.

And it’s an unwritten rule that you should buy new bed sheetspillowcases and towels every year. Fluffy towels and crisp bed sheets make a world of difference. The same stands for other bathroom basics such as shower curtains and bath mats.

3. To Grout Or Not To Grout

There is nothing less appealing than finding mold or fungus on the tiles in the bathroom. Or what about black mold covered sealant around the sinks in the bathrooms and kitchen?

Putting some elbow grease into it and scrubbing away with an old toothbrush and some bleach will remove mildew and fungus from tiles, shower curtains and ceilings. And sometimes the best way to refresh a bathroom is to regrout between the tiles or around the edges of sinks and baths.

Now is the best time to do this. It doesn’t take long but will make a significant difference. Re-putting window panes is also a great exercise and could save an expensive window repair in the future.

4. Give It A Makeover

Painting our homes every year may not be necessary but a heavily used vacation rental will need to be painted or at least touched up on an annual basis.

Scuffed skirtings and grubby walls make a property look tired, dull and unloved. It doesn’t have to be a full redecorating job but a touch up of some of the most used areas will work wonders on your property’s appearance.

Greasy finger marks around kitchen light switches, scuffed walks in entrance ways and head marks above beds and sofas can all be dealt with easily with a quick lick of paint

5. Go Deep With The Clean

The big jobs like carpet, upholstery and curtain cleaning are made easier if you invest in the best tools.

A great steam cleaner saves time during changeover cleans and can make your place look cleaner than using a traditional mop and bucket. Come spring cleaning time, they do a great job at tackling deeper cleans on carpets and upholstery.

It’s also important to look everywhere for hidden socks, pens and other missing items. Make sure you give every cupboard, trunk, and ottoman a good clean, and get your hand or the vacuum cleaner down the back of beds, sofas and chairs.

Anything suspicious needs to go!

6. Make Sure Your Property Has Curb Appeal

The exterior of your property is the first thing guests are going to see so you set the standard for the rest of the house. Whether that means repointing the patio, sanding down and repainting window sills or something as simple as replacing the doormat and pulling up some weeds, it needs to have curb appeal.

Outdoor spaces can be some of the most used spaces at vacation rental properties. A pressure washer is your new best friend for blasting off stains and mildew on patio areas and around swimming pools. Outdoor furniture will also benefit from a blast of the pressure washer.

Cushions should be washed, recovered or completely replaced, and wooden furniture can be kept looking good with a sand down and re-oiling. And make sure that outdoor grill and its accompanying tools are gleaming and look brand spanking new.

7. Do Safety Checks

As well as looking perfect, your property should be safe to use. Make sure any smoke, heat and carbon monoxide alarms are working properly.

Your First Aid kit should be up to date and the fire extinguisher and blanket easily located. Look out for dents in wires or loose wires in electrical appliances and replace them if necessary.

Spring is also a great time to hire in the specialist companies to do the big, important jobs like carrying out a thorough boiler service, checking solar panels and cleaning out drains and gutters.

8. The Finishing Touches

Pay attention to the finishing touches. They make a good first impression and help set the tone for the general vibe of your vacation rental.

As well as stocking up on a full set of complimentary items such as coffee, tea, spices, and salt, consider a small welcome basket offering locally made produce like eggs, bread and butter or maybe even a welcome bottle of wine.

And finally, check the guest information folder is intact and current with new activities, restaurants and vouchers offering discount codes for your guests to enjoy. It shows you care about them and want them to have a great time.