Enhance Guest Self-Care: Top Amenities for Mental Health Awareness Month

Enhance Guest Self-Care: Top Amenities for Mental Health Awareness Month

May is an incredibly poignant time of the year. While Spring is in full bloom, it’s important to remember that some of us experience May Gray a little more keenly than others. This Mental Health Awareness Month, it's time to focus on self-care. With this in mind, the product experts at Inhaven want to remind professional property managers of their vital role in supporting their guests’ mental health. By stocking your vacation rentals with products that promote relaxation and comfort, we can encourage our guests to focus on self-care and well-being. Let Inhaven experts help you choose the right amenities to transform your listing into an oasis of serenity and calm. This month, we’re showcasing products designed to promote self-care.

Spa Rituals Magnetix conditioner, shampoo, and body wash.

Invite Serenity with Spa Rituals Magnetix Bath Essentials

Transform your guests' stay with the Spa Rituals Magnetix collection. It features a clean scent of fresh garden flowers, herbs and fruits. This back-to-basics approach uses simple ingredients. It creates a delightful bathing experience. Thoughtfully curated, these essentials invite guests to enjoy the bathing space. Bring a touch of nature to your vacation rental.

Product Options:

Professional property managers should consider stocking all four products to offer a complete self-care experience. By choosing the Spa Rituals Magnetix collection, you show a commitment to sustainability and guest satisfaction. Each use of these products helps your guests engage in a relaxing self-care routine, enhancing their overall stay.

Stack of white towels in a grey bathroom setting.

Plush Comfort: The Martex Simplicity Towel Experience

Inhaven experts recognize that no bathing experience can be judged as remarkable without a truly remarkable towel. Westpoint Hospitality has outdone themselves with the Martex Simplicity – the perfect addition to your vacation rental for an elevated guest experience. Martex Simplicity towels are crafted with 100% ringspun cotton, making them durable and incredibly soft. The construction of these towels also features Intelliweave™ technology. This is an exciting innovation that begins at a molecular level and increases the dimensional stability, durability and strength of the natural fibers to which it is fused. The inclusion of Intelliweave™ technology reduces dryer time by 25%, reducing operational costs by a significant margin.


  • 100% combed ring-spun cotton loops for extraordinary softness

  • Fresh and ready to use

  • Classic white color

The innovative construction of Martex Simplicity towels minimizes border shrinkage, which helps them maintain their quality and appearance over time. The lock-stitched and bar-tacked hems and subtle piqué dobby design add a touch of refinement.

Professional property managers can enhance guest experiences by incorporating Martex Simplicity towels into their list of bathroom amenities. These towels not only offer superior durability and quality, but also reflect a dedication to providing a luxurious self-care experience.

Refined Softness: Livi VPG Select Facial Tissues

The Livi VPG Select Facial Tissue is the unsung hero of the self-care paradigm. Made from sustainable, Virgin Plantation Grown, Rapidly Renewable Fiber (RRF), these 2-ply tissues offer exceptional softness and quality.


  • Crafted from RRF for an environmentally friendly choice

  • Soft surface prevents irritation to sensitive skin with repeated use

  • Plain embossed design for a refined touch

  • Upscale packaging that coordinates with any decor

  • 90 sheets per box, pack of 36

The Livi VPG Select Facial Tissue provides an excellent self-care option for your guests. Professional property managers should consider stocking these tissues to enhance their guests' self-care routine. These facial tissues help your guests stay comfortable and refreshed, ensuring a more enjoyable stay.

Black Conair hospitality hair dryer on a white towel.

Efficient Styling: The Conair 047BW Hair Dryer for Guest Convenience

For most guests, their haircare routine is sacred, but often sacrificed at the altar of travel plans. Help your guests feel at home in your rental with the Conair 047BW hair dryer. With 1875 watts of drying power, this hair dryer ensures fast and efficient results.


  • Compact size for easy storage

  • Concentrator nozzle for precise styling

  • Cool shot button to set hairstyles

  • 2 heat/speed settings for customizable drying

  • ALCI safety plug for added safety

This Mental Health Awareness Month, it’s important to focus on small but significant amenities that can make big differences in your guests' overall health and happiness. The Conair 047BW offers a dependable solution to hair care, helping them start their day feeling refreshed and cared for. Stock your rentals with Conair, and let every guest's day begin with a breeze.

Single white folded waffle weave kimono-style robe.

Embrace Elegance: Golden Mills Cotton Kimono Robes

There’s something to be said about putting one’s arms through the sleeves of a fresh robe. It’s an experience that you can offer your guests with the Golden Mills 100% Cotton Honeycomb Waffle Weave Kimono Robe. Perfect for lounging, these robes add a touch of comfort to your vacation rental, ensuring your guests feel pampered throughout their stay.


  • 100% cotton honeycomb waffle weave for breathability and softness

  • Kimono style for a relaxed fit

  • Lightweight and comfortable, ideal for lounging

  • Elegant design that complements any decor

Sold in packs of 12 units, these robes are an excellent addition for professional property managers aiming to enhance their guests' self-care routine. These robes help your guests unwind and enjoy their downtime, making their stay more memorable. Providing these types of amenities can significantly enhance the guest experience, making their stay memorable and your property a preferred choice. Treat your guests to the comfort of Golden Mills, and let them wrap themselves in the comfort they deserve.

Bird's eye view of a pair of plush closed-toe slippers.

Step into Comfort: Plush Slippers by World Amenities

Offer your guests the ultimate in comfort with World Amenities Plush Closed Toe Slippers. Designed with plush cotton velour and a non-skid EVA sole, these slippers provide a cozy and safe option for lounging around your vacation rental.


  • Plush cotton velour for superior comfort

  • Non-skid EVA sole for added safety

  • One size fits most for convenience

  • Zero plastic, non-woven envelope for eco-friendly packaging

Elevate the comfort and style of your vacation rental with World Amenities' Plush Closed Toe Slippers. Sold in a pack of 100 pairs, these slippers are designed to ensure every guest enjoys a touch of the familiar from the moment they step inside. Make every guest feel at home and cared for with every step they take in your property.

Stay In The Know: Tips for Enhancing Your Vacation Rental Experience

Stocking your vacation rental with these thoughtfully selected products can significantly enhance your guests' self-care experience, contributing to their overall sense of well-being during their stay. Remember to check in regularly at our blog “ In The Know” for updates about vacation rental product features and educational information on how to improve your vacation rental experience. Inhaven is here to help you create exceptional stays for your guests, every time.