Kitchen Checklist


Make sure you have enough dinnerware sets for the number of guests your home can accommodate. Better yet, double the number so they don't have to worry about doing the dishes!


You will want to have enough flatware sets on hand to accommodate all of your guests

Flatware Organizers

Keep your flatware organized with these inserts that can go into your kitchen drawer of choice

Mug Sets

Treat your guests our favorite mug sets, some of which are easily stackable to save on space

Highball Glassware

Perfect for water or your guests drink of choice

Old Fashioned Glassware

Your guests will drink in style with these timeless old-fashioned 12oz glasses

Wine Glasses & Goblets

Stock your home with these essential wine glasses

Champagne Flutes

Your guests will toast to the memories they make in your vacation rental

Stemless Wine Glasses

We love the stemless wine glasses, especially in homes that accommodate large familes


Shop our barware essentials here

Cookware Sets

Stock your kitchen with all the necessary pots and pans so your guests can cook delicious and memorable meals

Dutch Ovens

Durable Dutch ovens come at a variety of price points. Get one for your rental so your guests can cook stews, sauces, soups and braises. The ideal size for most is between 4 and 6 quarts

Casserole Pot

Casseroles are a versatile cookware item to have in your vacation rental kitchens. Guests will use them to make soups, stews, pot roasts, sauces – the list goes on.

Pasta Pots with Strainers

Your guests can easily cook spaghetti and more with our pasta cooker pots and strainer baskets

Bakeware Sets

Stock your kitchen with all the bakeware products in one click with our bakeware sets!

Baking Trays / Sheet Pans

Our baking trays or sheet plans are great for baking pastries such as bread rolls, cookies, sheet cakes, Swiss rolls, and pizzas. Your guests will make tons of memories in your kitchen with our baking trays,

Baking Pans

We have a large assortment of baking pans perfect for your vacation rentals, including muffin pans, loaf pans, cake pans and pie pans.

Kitchen Utensils

Stock your vacation rental kitchen with the all the utensils needed to make delicious and memorable meals.

Knife Sets

Knife sets are an absolute must for any fully stocked kitchen. They typically include a carving knife, bread knife, chef's knife, santoku knife, utility knife, paring knife and scissors.

Steak Knives

Your guests will love using these steak knives for cutting cooked steak dishes and even chicken.

Additional Cooking Utensils

Don't forget to add these essential items to your fully stocked kitchen!

Food Storage

Provide your guests with the proper storage containers they need to keep their food fresh and organized

Coffee Makers & French Press Machines

This is one of the top requested amenities from guests. Delight them with a coffee maker from Inhaven!

Electric Tea Kettles

Electric tea kettles are essential for boiling water at your vacation rental

Salt & Pepper Mills

Don't forget this kitchen staple that will help season your guests meals to perfection!

Serving Trays

These trays are perfect for serving appetizers and snacks, perfect to help your guests entertain in style

Kitchen Towels

Help your guests keep the kitchen and their hands clean by stocking your kitchen with these cotton kitchen towels

Kitchen Dishcloths

Your kitchen should be stocked with dishcloths to help clean up messes and dry dishes

Paper Towel Holders

Keep your kitchen organized and clean with these recommended paper towel holders

Dish Racks

Provide your guests a place to dry your dishes, even if you have a dishwasher, by adding a dish rack to your kitchen

Garbage Bins

Stock up on plenty of garbage bins for your rental to ensure it is kept tidy